Saturday, August 30, 2014

Buffalo LinkStation 421e Out-of-the-box Issues

I just purchased a Buffalo LinkStation 421e from MicroCenter. It was on sale for $99 an I purchased 2 3TB WD Red hard drives for $119 each. I installed the drives and booted up the NAS.

After trying to install LinkStation, I kept getting the error "could not configure ip address" and "no unused ip address available". I would not be able to see the LinkStation at all (including with NAS Navigator) until I rebooted the LinkStation. NAS Navigator indicated the device is in "Emergency Mode" and the firmware needs to be updated.

So, I downloaded the Firmware Update app for the mac. Initially, the updater does not work because it mentions it cannot find a partition. I fixed this by copying the "" and "data" folder items to my hard drive. I opened LSUpdater.ini in the data folder with a text editor. Changing the line that says "NoFormatting = 0" to "NoFormatting = 1" and relaunching the firmware did the trick. Be careful that you don't have any data on your drives before you do this because the drives will be formatted as part of the firmware update.

Update: After installation, everything works okay, but I can't seem to get Windows Sharing (Samba) and Mac OS X Sharing (afp) to allow guest accounts. I will post  when I have fixes for this as it requires me to enable sshd so I can have shell access.


  1. I have a similar problem with the same device purchased a week earlier than you from MicroCenter. Upgraded firmware and it is worse now. Please post what ever you come up with that helps Thanks

  2. Can you describe what you mean by worse? What does the NAS navigator say?

  3. This is what my son says who has a good working knowledge of computers
    I lost all USB functionality (I had been able to use flash drives but not hard drives, now I can't use either.) It still has persistent "connection errors" even though I can access it. I'm also now getting a new error involving 1 long red flash followed 4 shorter ones, I believe that means there is an error with the ROM.

  4. Does the NAS navigator application that came on the CD say anything? Usually if there's a red light the NAS navigator would indicate why.

  5. He says
    "It didn't at the time, after a factory reset I haven't had the problem. I still am not able to use USB HDDs and I still have the yellow warning sign indicating a connection issue. "

  6. Dan Rudder, it won't support USB drive as a backup drive. I read that in the specs. If you want to take backup on USB drive you should use external power USB drive.

  7. Have new 421e that I just installed a new WD RED 3.0TB Drive and Navigator2 will not see it. I have been told I need to update the firmware but how do you do that without the Navigator 2 Software being able to see the device? Web interface is not working either?

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