Monday, August 12, 2013

BioShock Mac Southpaw Controls

I recently picked up BioShock at a 2nd & Charles used game store for $6 for the Xbox 360 and realized why I never played it besides the demo. The game has no controller customization and it does not respect the Xbox 360 console settings for swapping the analog sticks. The only option to play southpaw would be to modify my controller or pay someone to do it.

After being frustrated with my inability to move with my left thumb and look with my right thumb, I decided to pick up BioShock for the Mac (I almost didn't because I was frustrated as well that the publisher is not on Steam). After installation, I noticed it can support the Xbox 360 controller through a 3rd party driver. Just like the Xbox 360 version, there were no southpaw settings in the game on the Mac. Digging around, I found a couple of ini files and one has controller settings in it!

To change the controller settings to southpaw for BioShock on the mac, do the following:

  1. After first launch, Feral Interactive sticks the per-user BioShock settings in ~/Library/Application Support/Feral Interactive/BioShock/Macinit.
  2. Open User_int.ini with TextWrangler or another text editor.
  4. Launch BioShock and you are good to go!

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