Saturday, December 22, 2012

Handbrake mapped wrong audio channels during conversion.

Handbrake seems to have an issue with DTS 4.0 encoded audio (at least on the Edward Scissorhands Blu-Ray). After the conversion I noticed the right audio channel not mapped properly during conversion which had sound effects but no audio coming from the right speaker.

My target for the audio from Handbrake is generally AAC@160kbps with a Pro Logic 2 Mixdown and a second track for AC3 @ 640kbps with a Pro Logic 2 Mixdown as well (I would have 6 channel discrete but this is a 4 channel track only).

To fix this there are a couple of ways, but on MacOS there is actually a solution.

  1. Download the ffmpeg command line from (ffmpegx has issues with multi channel audio and is not maintained).
  2. Run the command line: ffmpeg -i INPUT.mkv -acodec ac3 -ac 4 -ar 48000 -ab 640k OUTPUT.ac3
  3. Use mkvtools to add the audio track to the original MKV file.
  4. Open the MKV using Handbrake and choose the new AC3 audio track instead of the DTS one.
  5. After conversion, the proper audio channels are used.
Edit 02/10/2013:
I have received notice that this bug has been corrected in the HandBrake nightlies.

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