Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Changing the next Defect/Feature Id for Axosoft OnTime

We just switched from Axosoft OnTime 2007 to 2010, and during so we wanted to totally redo our workflow and field structure for software defects and features, but we didn't want existing defect and feature numbers to collide with the new system, so with sqlcmd, you can execute a command to 'up the new numbers'. So for example in OnTime 2007, we had the latest defect number 1397. In OnTime 2010, since we have a new structure, it starts out at 1.

  1. Open sqlcmd on the database server for OnTime.
  2. Switch to your OnTime database with a command such as 'use OnTime;'
  3. Execute the command: DBCC CHECKIDENT (yourtable, reseed, lastnumber) (Where yourtable is the name of the table in OnTime such as 'Defects', and last number from the old OnTime system).
  4. That's it!

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