Monday, April 27, 2009

1440x900 on 17-inch iMac in Windows 7 w/ Dual Monitors

Of course when using a beta operating system, drivers are going to be finiky. I was able to actually get my iMac to work at 1440x900, but not by default. I tried the bootcamp ATI drivers at first but they did not list the native resolution for my 17inch iMac (Late 2006) possibly due to the second VGA monitor I have connected.

Not sure if one or all of these steps got this to work but this is what I did:
  • Get the latest Catalyst Control Center (8.12 for Vista 32-bit) from
  • Download MobilityModder.NET and follow the instructions on modifying the ATI driver package for the mobility card.
  • Once the driver is installed, open the Windows 7 Control Panel for Screen Resolutions.
  • Windows has 'Duplicate Desktop on 1 and 2' enabled for multiple displays. For some reason display 2 is a 'dead display' and the second monitor is really display 3.
  • Once you separate display 2 from display 1, your primary LCD should be able to do 1440x900. You can then enable the extend desktop to display 3.

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